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Library Videos

Videos and DVDs:

Holdings as of May 1, 2012

1. Africa pts.1 & 2

2. Africa vols. 1-5 (5 tapes) Produced by National Geographic

3. Africa: A documentary

4. Africa (2) Pts 3&4, 5&6

5. African Drumming and Dance Ft. Ashanti Sebei (2cop)

6. Africa Continent of Contrasts

7. African Family Films (2): Sharing is Unity, Marriage of Maritamu

8. African Adventure The Zulu people

9. 1 Afrique, Jet e Plumerai Produced by: California Newsreel

10. Africa: Search for common Ground (6tapes) programs: 5,6,8,9,10,13; Produced by: Common Ground Productions and Ubuntu TV & Film

11. A growing future (2 cop)

12. A Guide for Language instruction in Tutorial Settings (2cop.)

13. A Journey to Africa, Michel Jackson (Interview by Oprah)

14. Barbara-NTSC

15. Betrayal

16. Classroom Vignettes (2cop)

17. Common Table (20): Project Tanzania: A response Beyond Charity, Pt.1; Produced by: Maryknoll World Video Library

18. Darl Snyder lecture 4/20/98

19. In Darkest Hollywood pt.1; Produced by: A Nightingale/ Villon Production

20. In Darkest Hollywood pt.2; A Nightingale/ Villon Production

21. Foreign Languages: Doors To Opportunity

22. Foreign Language instruction: The Challenge and methologies of African Language instruction in the West/United States

23. From Sun Up Produced by: Maryknoll World Video Library

24. Gerrie and Louise by Sturla Gunnarsson

25. Ghosts Of Rwanda (received 10-31-05)

26. Healthy Behavior Series Female Genital Mutilation (2 cop.) produced by: Ahead Inc.

27. Healthy Behavior Series (2cop): HIV-AIDS, Violence Against Women produced by: Ahead Inc.

28. Islands in a sea of Grass; A Tanzania National Parks Video

29. Jagua: My Journey to Mecca

30. Jagua: Commande

31. Karibu –Welcome in Swahili

32. Kenyan Youth: Preparing for the future; Produced by: Maryknoll World Video Library

33. Kiswahili: Lugha na Utamaduni

34. Kiswahili- lesson 19

35. Kiswahili cultural night fall ‘94

36. Kiswahili: Lugha Na Utamaduni Tape #1 (8/96), Somo 1, Somo 2, Somo 3, Somo 4

37. Kiswahili: Lugha Na Utamaduni lessons: 1-4, (2cop.) 5-6, (2cop.) 7-10, (2cop.) 11-13, (2cop.) 14-16, (2cop.)17, (2ocp.) 18-20, (2cop.) 21-23, (6cop.) Preview Tape

38. Kiswahili Lesson 12 Fourth Rough Cut 4/95 Wedding Customs

39. Kiswahili copy 1 Lessons 1-4 14”, 14”, 24”, 15”

40. Kiswahili- Lugha Na Utamaduni Somo 1: Familia ya Kiafrika: Uhusiano 1995-12:30

41. Konkombe

42. Lost Boys of Sudan: a film by Megan Mylan and Jon Shenk

43. Lost Boys of Sudan: a film by Megan Mylan and Jon Shenk (received 10-31-05)

44. Madam Tinubu

45. Mapantsula Produced by: California Newsreel

46. Mortal Inheritance

47. Nani Mwenye Maki “Baba Au Mama” Produced by: Hanif Enterprises Limited

48. National ballet of Rwanda

49. Ngubiha

50. Njozi (the Dream)

51. “Not My Will”

52. Oleku

53. Oleku pt.2

54. Oroki

55. Oroki: Osun Osofbo festival

56. Once upon a time

57. pt. II Maisha ya Waswahili,

58. pt. III Shughuli Mbali Mbali

59. (Kiswahili version) Sharing is Unity

60. Saworoide

61. Study in Africa: New opportunities for American Students

62. Swahili Cultural night Spring ‘95

63. Swahili Role Play

64. Swahili role play Dr. Moshi

65. Swahili News (2cop.)

66. Sango Malo

67. Stubborn grasshopper

68. Tadona

69. Tanzania 2002

70. Tape 5 lesson 14-16

71. Tapefuma Gusta GA Museum of Art

72. The Africans: 1-2 The Nature of a continent and A legacy of Lifestyles, 3-4 New Gods and Tools of Exploitation, 5-6 New Conflicts and In Search of Stability, 7-8 A garden of Eden Decay and A clash of cultures; Produced by: The Annenberg / CPB Collection

73. The Films of Souleymane Asse: (2cop): Yeelen, Finye

74. The First African / African American Summit: Building a Bridge for the Future

75. The Institute of Marine Sciences Programmes Z'Bar

76. The Institute of Marine Sciences Resources for all generations

77. The 21st National Annual Model of the Organization of African Unity at Howard University, Washington, D.C. on March 1-4, 2000

78. The People of Hofwyl- Broadfield

79. The story of a continent Africa (2cop.) Produced by: R. M. Arts

80. The Video Connection

81. Tioluwa Nile Yoruba w/ English Subtitles (3) pt. I, pt. II, pt. III

82. Treasures of Tanzania, Tanzania Safari/The Serengeti

83. Vitimbi/ Mix Music 2

84. Vitimbi musical night pt. 1 & 2

85. Walter Bernard Hill Lecture Series 9/28/98

86. Waswahili: language, life, culture and history (7) pt. I Lamu and its people, pt. II life by the sea, pt. III Various Activities, pt.V Cities of East Africa, pt.VI I Swahili Language, pt.VII Customs and Traditions, pts. V-VII

87. Waswahili: Lugha Maisha, na Desturi pt. IV Masoko (2)

88. Waswahili: Lugha, Maisha, na Desturi pt. VI Lugha ya Kiswahili

89. Waswahili: Lugha, Maisha, na Desturi pt. VII: Mila na Desturi za Waswahili

90. Waswahili: Lugha, Maisha Na Desturi pts. V- VII (Swahili version)

91. Waswahili: Lugha, Maisha, Na Desturi pts. I- IV

92. Waswahili: Lugha, Maisha, Na Desturi (Swahili version) (2) Parts I-V, Pts V-VII

93. Waswahili: Language, Life, History and Customs

94. Waswahili: Lugha, Maisha, na Desturi pt.V Mijiya Afrika ya Mashriki

95. Waswahili: Lugha, Maisha, na Desutri (3) pt. I Maisha na Historia ya Waswahili,

96. Waswahili: Language, Culture and History Pt. IV Markets In East Africa

97. Wellspring Theatrical Mama Africa

98. Witch Doctor of the Living Dead

99. Yataua Dar Es Salaam w/ title and Master reel

100. Zanzibar call to prayer and Mosque

101. Zimbabwe: Talking Stories

102. Zulu hits

103. (blank face tape) Polaroid Super color cover

104. 10th Annual Darl Snyder Lecture event (3copy)

102. Maangamizi: Ancient one (DVD)

103. Kiswahili: Lugha na Utamaduni Lessons 1-4 (DVD)

104. Kiswahili: Lugha na Utamaduni Lessons 5-6 (DVD)

105. Kiswahili: Lugha na Utamaduni Lessons 7-10 (DVD)

106. Kiswahili: Lugha na Utamaduni Lessons 11-13 (DVD)

107. Kiswahili: Lugha na Utamaduni Lessons 14-16 (DVD)

108. Kiswahili: Lugha na Utamaduni Lesson 17 (DVD)

109. Kiswahili: Lugha na Utamaduni Lessons 18-20 (DVD)

110. Kiswahili: Lugha na Utamaduni Lessons 21-23 (DVD)

111. Frontline: ghosts of Rwanda

112. Fugard's Sizwe Bansi is Dead (3/11/05)

113. Speak Zulu with Us: Beginners course (instructional booklet and cd)




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