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Library Books


Holdings as of May 1, 2012

1. A Critical History of Shona Poetry by Emmanuel M. Chiwame. Published by: University of Zimbabwe Publications, 1996

2. Academic Across the Curriculum by Zimbrado Stevens

3. Africa BY Lonely Planet Series, 1995

4. Africa in the Global Economy by Richard E. Mshomba. Published by: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2000

5. Africa in History by Basil Davidson. Published by: Macmillan Publishing Company, 1964

6. African Book Collective (ABC)

7. African Civilization Revisited by Basil Davidson. Published by: Africa World Press, Inc., 1991

8. African Literature and Language 1997 (2 copies)

9. African Debt and Sustainable Development: Policies for Partnership with Africa

10. African Geopolitics by Jaques, Baudouin, Lakhdar, Brahimi. Published by: OR. IMA International, 2000

11. African Global Economy

12. African History

13. African Literature and Criticism

14. African Literature Research Vol. 1- 4

15. African Occasions by Leslie Blackwell, K.C., M.C., M.P. Published by: Hutchinson and Co., 1938

16. African People in the Global Village by John K. Marah. Published by: University Press of America, 1998

17. African National Summit

18. African Rural and United States (Vol.1 #1 1994). Published by: Michigan State Univ. Press, 1994

19. African Studies Review vol. 40, No. 1- The African Studies Association, 1997

20. African Studies in the United States by Jane I. Guyer. Published by: Afran Studies Association Press

21. African Women by Mark Mathabane

22. African Geopolitics 2002 by Jean Danial Aba, Dominique Bangoura

23. Africa and the World by Lewis H. Gann and Peter Duignan

24. Africa Since 1935 by James Curry Published by: University of California Press, 1993

25. Africa South of the Zambesi by A.J. Spry. Published by: Juta and Co., 1951

26. African People in the Global Village by John K. Marah. Published by: University Press of America, 1998

27. African Studies Review Vol.40, No.1. Published by: The African Studies Association

28. Africa Today: The Future of Regional Studies

29. Africa Today Vol. 44 No. 3, July - Sept. 1997

30. Agenda No. 33 The Poverty Issue

31. A History of South Africa Social and Economic by De Kiewiet, C. W. Published by: Oxford at the Claredon Press, 1941

32. A history of South Africa by Leonard Thompson. Published by: Yale University Press, 1995

33. A history of Jews in South Africa by Louis Herman. Published by: South African Jewish Board of Deputies, 1935

34. American Anthropologists

35. A Short History of Africa by Roland Oliver & J.D. Fage. Published by: Penguin Books PTY LTD, 1962

36. A woman in her Prime by Asare Konadu. Published by: Heinemnn Educational Books, LTD., 1967

37. Bantu Customs in Mainland Tanzania by P. Van Pelt. Published by: T.M.P. Book Department, 1971

38. Black Atlanta in the Roaring Twenties by Herman “Skip” Mason, Jr. Published by: Arcadia, 1997

39. Black Men: Obsolete, Single, Dangerous? By Haki R. Madhubuti. Published by: Third World Press, 1990

40. Black Mischief by Evelyn Waugh. Published by: Little, Brown and Company, 1946

41. Black Women Writers Across Cultures by Valentine Udoh James, James S. Etin, Melanie Marshall James, Ambe J. Njoh. Published by: International Scholars Publications, 2000

42. Blanket Boy’s Moon by Lanham and Mo- Paulus. Published by: Collins user-Type Press, 1983

43. Blue Fire by Phyllis A. Whitney. Published by: Hodder and Stoughton, 1961

44. Blueprints in Black and White by John Bizzell. Published by: Solo Collective, 2002

45. Books of Africa 1997- 1998 (2 copies)

46. Botha Smuts and South Africa by Basil Williams. Published by: Hodder and Stoughton Limited, 1946

47. Bringing the Black Boy to Manhood by Nathan Hare and Julia Hare. Published by: The Black Think Tank, 1985

48. Butterfly

49. Cape of Storms by Andre Brink. Published by: Simon and Schuster, 1993

50. Carnegie Corporation of New York

51. Central Africa by Lonely Planet Series, 1989

52. Conflict and Conflict Resolution in the Sahel: The Tuareg Insurgency in Mali

53. Culture Dell’aterita by Emanuela Casti and Angelo Turco. Published by: Edizioni Unicopli, 1988

54. Culture Shock by Dee Rissik. Published by: Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company, 1994

55. Dar Days by Charles R. Swift. Published by: University Press of America, 2002

56. Dateline Soweto by William Finnegan. Published by: Harper and Row Publishing, 1988

57. Development Vol. 3, No1, 1997

58. Die Leeus Van Sashani by Johann Bekker. Published by: Human and Rousseau, 1977

59. Die F.A.K. Volksanggbundel, by Dr. Hugo Gutsche, Erlank & Eyssen. Published by: H.A.U.M h/a J.H. DeBusay, 1954

60. Discover the Warm Heart of South Africa

61. Drums and Shadows by Georgia Writer’s Project. Published by: University of Georgia Press, 1940

62. East Africa by Tim Beddow. Published by: Thomas and Hudson LTD, 1988

63. Encyclopedia of Southern Africa by Rosenthal, Eric. Published by: Frederick Warne and Co. LTD., 1967

64. Encyclopedia of Southern Africa by Eric Rosenthal (#2). Published by: Frederick Warne and Co. LTD., 1961

65. From Desert and Oasis

66. Getting Started in African Crafts by Jeremy Comins. Published by: The Bruce Publishing Company, 1971

67. Ghana in Retrospect by Peter Sarpong. Published by: Ghana Publishing Company, 1974

68. Ghana Today. Published by: Jaguar, 1977

69. Girls Nobility Rites in Ashanti Peter Sarpong

70. Giving and Receiving by Antony Baker. Published by: The Faith Press LTD, 1959

71. Global Video

72. Global Voices

73. Globalizing Africa by Malinda S. Smith. Published by: Africa World Press, Inc., 2003

74. Grow Lovely, Growing old by Lawrence G. Green. Published by: Howard Timmins, 1951

75. Guardian of the Soil Hove, Trojanow Law, State & The Working Class in Tanzania by James Curry. Published by: Boabab Books, 1996

76. Guide to Ghana by Phillip Briggs. Published by: Bradt publications, 1998

77. Human Universals

78. I am from Africa (2) by Emmanuel O. Unaegbu. Published by: Platform Press Communications, 2002

79. I have a Plan by Gertrude Van Delden. Published by: Nodder and Stoughton, LTD.

80. Intermediality

81. International Journal of African Studies

82. Introduction to Mathematical Logistics

83. In Search of South Africa by H.V. Morton. 1948

84. In South Africa by Young, Francis Brett. Published by: William Heinemann LTD, 1952

85. Inside Africa by John Gunther. Published by: Harper and Brothers, 1955

86. International Relations in Contemporary Africa by Michael O. Anda. Published by: University Press of America, 2000

87. In the Shadows of the Kremlin and the White House by Charles Quist-Adade. Published by: University Press of America, 2001

88. Introduction to Black Studies by Maulana Karenga. Published by: University of Sankore Press, 1993

89. Introduction to the History of African Civilization (vol.1 & 2) by C. Magbaily Fyle. Published by: University Press of America, 1999 & 2001(vol.2)

90. Jeridaf Vol. 1, No. 1 of June 1998

91. Jeridaf Vol. 1 No. 2 of Dec. 1998

92. Journal of the African Language Teachers Association by Lioba Moshi and Akinloye Ojo. Published by: African language Teachers Association, 2000

93. Journey through Tanzania by Amin, Willets, Marshall

94. Jungle Man by P. J. Pretorius G. M.G. Published by: The Australasian Publishing, Co. PTY. LTD, 1948

95. Kumase in the 18th & 19th Century by A. A. Anti. Published by: Damage Control Limited, 1974

96. Kiswahili Language and Culture

97. La Construction DeL’Autre by Paul Vieille, 1997

98. Language and Ideology

99. Last Chance in Africa by Negley Farson. Published by: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1950

100. Law, State, and the Working Class in Tanzania by Issa G. Shirji. Published by: Tanzania Publishing House, 1986

101. Library of Africa Cinema 1998

102. Linguistics

103. Literature of the Western World (4th ed. Vol. 2) by Brian Wilkie and James Hurt. Published by: Prentice-Hall Inc., 1997

104. MA Today by Corvina. Published by: Corvina, 1987

105. Man of Costantia by Hymen W.J. Picard. Published by: Purnell, 1973

106. Mau Mau by Stoneham G. T. Published by: Museum Press Limited, 1953

107. Mediterranean Perspectives

108. Modern African Poetry by Gerald Moore and Ulli Beier. Published by: Penguin Books, 1963

109. Modern Kenya by Mary Ann Watson. Published by: University Press of America, 2000

110. Modern Poetry (Penguin Book)

111. Molaotheo (2 copies)

112. Mwari: The Great Being God by Gwinyai H. Muzorewa. Published by: University Press of America, 2001

113. Nation Building and Development assistance in Africa by Kaoru Ishikawa. Published by: MacMillian Press LTD, 1999

114. Network Vol.3

115. News check’s Key to Africa, facts and figures by Robin Briggs. Published by: Checkpress LTD, 1968

116. New Social Movements in the South “Empowering People”

117. New Social Movements in the South by Ponna Wignaraja. Published by: Zed Books, 1993

118. No out span by Reitz, Deneys. Published by: Faber and Faber Limited

119. None to accompany me by Nadine Gordimer. Published by: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1994

120. Old Cape High-ways by Dr. E.E. Mossop. Published by: Maskew Miller Limited

121. Piet Kolonel and his Men by Tweden In Bevel. Published by: The Knox Printing and Publishing Co., 1944

122. People of Africa Culture of Africa South of the Sahara Gibbs

123. Peoples of Africa by James L. Gibbs Jr. Published by: Waveland Press, Inc., 1965

124. Poems of a South African by A. Vine Hall, 13th edition. Published by: Juta and Co., 1945

125. Pragmatics 1998

126. Prospectus 1997 – 1998

127. Rags of Glory by Stuart Cloete. Published by: Collins, 1963

128. Research in African Languages vol28 (4nos.). Published by: Indiana University Press, 1997

129. Resist & Reduce violence against Women

130. Report on Southern Africa by Basil Davidson.

131. Report of the Activities of the University of Dar Es Salaam 1999-2000. Published by: University of Dar es Salaam, 2001

132. Return to Goli by Peter Abrahams. Published by: Faber and Faber Limited

133. Research in African Literature Vol.27 No.4. Published by: Indiana University Press, 1996

134. Roots and Branches

135. Sarip’s Brochure

136. Scandinavian Journal of Development Alternatives

137. Schoeman by Fakkellig. Published by: Human and Rousseau, 1966

138. South Africa in a changing World by Edgar H. Brookes. Published by: Oxford University Press, 1953

139. South Africa, a planned Tour by A.W. Wells. Published by: J.M. Dent and Sons LTD, 1939

140. South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland Lonely Planet, 1996

141. South Africa Nature Notes by S. H. Skaife. Published by: Maskew Miller, Limited.

142. South African Heritage by Jacobs, Alice. Published by: Shuler and Shooter, 1948

143. South African Yesterday’s by Annette Joelson. Published by: Unie-Volkspers Beperk, 1940

144. Southern Africa by Howard Timmins. Published by: Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company Limited, 1969

145. State, conflict and Democracy in Africa by Richard Joseph. Published by: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1999

146. Swept by Wind and Wave by W.L. Speight. Published by: Howard Timmins

147. Teaching with the Norton Anthology of World Literature (2nd ed. Vol. D-F) by Paula Berggren Terra d’Africa

148. Tell Freedom by Peter Abrahams. Published by: Faber and Faber Limited

149. Terra d’Africa by Angelo Turca. Published by: Edizioni Unicopli, 2000

150. The 1996 General Elections & Democratic Consolidation in Ghana by Joseph R. Agee. Published by: Department of Political Science University of Ghana, 1996

151. The African-American Experience by Ray Spangenburg and Diane K. Moser. Published by: Library of Congress, 1997

152. The Drostdy at Swellendam by Anna Rothmann. Published by: National Commercial Printers LTD, 1960

153. The Enchanted Door by Denis Godfrey. Published by: Howard Timmins, 1963

154. The Golden Land by Julian Mockford. Published by: Adam and Charles Black, 1949

155. The Miseducation of the Black Child by: Nathan Hare and Julia Hare. Published by: The Black Think Tank, 1991

156. The Hinges Creaked by Eric Rosenthal. Published by: Howard Timmins, 1951

157. The Hottentot Room by Hope Christopher. Published by: William Heinemann, LTD, 1986

158. The Langston Hughes Review by the Institute for African American Studies. Published by: The Institute for African American Studies, 1998

159. The Masai Women

160. The Mazruiana collection by Abdul Samed Bemath. Published by: Sterling Publisher Private LTD., 1998

161. The Night is Long by Sarah Getrude Millin. Published by: Faber and Faber Limited

162. The Norton Anthology of Literature (2nd ed): (3) 1650-1800 vol. D, 1800-1900 vol. E, 20th Century vol. F

163. The Pedagogy of African Languages: An Emerging Field by Antonia Folarin-Scheicher and Lioba Moshi. Published by: Camerapix Publishers International, 1984

164. The peoples and the policies of South Africa by Leo Marquard. Published by: Oxford University Press,1952

165. The Phalarope by Paton, Alan. Published by: Charles Seribrer’s sons, 1953

166. The Politics and Policies of Sub-Saharan Africa by Robert Dibie. Published by: University Press of America, 2001

167. The Power of Babel by Mazrui

168. The Rand Lords by Geoffrey Wheatcraft. Published by: Antheum, 1986

169. The Rise and Fall of Swahili States

170. The Rise of the Shona Novel by George Kahari. Published by: Mambo Press, 1990

171. The Scholar Between Thought and Experience by Parviz Morewedge. Published By: Global Publications, 2001

172. The Search of South Africa by H.V. Morton. Published by: Methuen and Co., 1948

173. The State and Revolution in Eastern Africa Essays by John S. Gual. Published by: Monthly review Press, 1979

174. The Struggle for Kenya by D. H. Rawcliffe. Published by: Victor Gollancz LTD, 1954

175. The Sunny Land by Margareta Oldevig. Published by: Hodder and Stoughton Limited, 1944

176. The Seven Lost Trails of Africa by Hudley A. Chilvers. Published by: Cassell and Company, Limited. 1930

177. The United States and the Transformation of African Security: The African Crisis Response Initiative and Beyond

178. The White Fountain by Mildred McNaughton. Published by: Doubleday and Company, Inc., 1949

179. The World Owes You Nothing by Peter Weidner. Published by: Salesian Press

180. They walk in the Night by Eric Rosenthal. Published by: George Allen and Unwin, LTD, 1949

181. This man Malan by Eric Robins. Published by: S.A. Scientific Publishing Co., 1953

182. Three Hunters by William Harrison. Published by: Random House Inc., 1989

183. Timber and Tides by Winfred Tapson. Published by: Juta and Co., 1945

184. Too Late Karel Schoeman by Fakkellig.

185. Transition into the 21st Century

186. Treasures of the Cape by Albert Plane. Published by: Howard Timmins

187. Trekking On by Reitz Deneys. Published by: Faber and Faber Limited

188. Umamazane by R.H. Mthembu. Published by: Solo Collective, 1999

189. U.S. Policy to End Sudan’s War by Francis M. Deng and J. Stephen Morrison

190. Understanding Symbolic Logic

191. University of Venda

192. Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington. Published by: Airmont Books, 1967

193. Valley of the Vines by Joy Packer. Published by: Byre and Spottiswoode, 1955

194. Venture to the Interior by Laurens Van Der Post. (2). Published by: The Reprint Society, 1952

195. Virginity: Pre – Nuptial Rites and Rituals by: Ottokar Nemecek. Published by: The Citadel Press, 1958

196. Vision, Ideality, and Time

197. Women and Education in Sub Saharan Africa

198. Working Papers on Language (2 Vols.)

199. When Roots Die by Patricia Jones-Jackson. Published by: University of Georgia Press, 1987

200. When the slave bell tolled by Firtz Roy, V. M. Published by: Howard Timmins, 1970

201. White Boy Running by Christopher Hope. Published by: Martin Secker and Warburg Limited, 1988

202. White Witch Doctor by Louise A. Stinetorf. Published by: Frederick Muller, LTD., 1957

203. White Man’s Africa by L. E. Neame.(2). Published by: Skasart, 1953

204. White Tribe Dreaming by Marq de Wiliers. Published by: Viking Penguin Inc., 1988

205. Wild Dog Running by Alan Scholefield. Published by: Heinemann,1970

206. Women South Africa Remembers by Fay Jaff. Published by: Howard Timmins, 1975

207. West Africa by Lonely Planet Series, 1988

208. Yurugu by Marimba Ani. Published by: Africa World Press, Inc., 1994

209. You are wrong Father Huddleston by Alexander Steward. Published by: Curlembory and Timmins ;1956

210. Zimbabwe, Botswana & Namibia Lonely Planet 1995

211. 365 Days of Black History 1999 Engagement Calendar Pomegranate. Published by: Pomegranate, 1999

212. African Geopolitics

213. The Collected Works of Langston Hughes: Volume 15, The Short Stories. Published by: University of Missouri press

214. Es’Kia. Published by: Kwela books in association with Stainbank & Associates

215. Historical Dictionary of Somalia: New Edition. Published by: The Scarecrow Press

216. Assault on Rural Poverty: The case of Ethiopia. Published by: University Press of America

217. Health Communication of Africa: Contexts, Constraints, and Lessons. Published by: University Press of America

218. Determinants of Democratization in Africa: A comparative Study of Benin and Togo. Published by: University Press of America

219. International Relations in Contemporary Africa. Published by: University Press of America

220. The Politics and Policies of Sub-Saharan Africa. Published by: University Press of America

221. Introduction to the History of African Civilization, Volume II: Colonial and Post-Colonial Africa. Published by: University Press of America

222. African People in the Global Village: An Introduction to Pan African Studies. Published by: University Press of America

223. The Generation, Part II; Ethiopia: Transformation and Conflict. Published by: University Press of America

224. Modern Kenya: Social Issues and Perspectives. Published by: University Press of America.

225. Human Rights in Africa: The Conflict of Implementation. Published by: the University Press of America.





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